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O U R   W I N E


Wines "Serenissima":
Top selection wines to accompany the most complex dishes on every occasion

Wines "Ca' del Doge":
Value for money wines for everyday consumption
Wines "San Tiziano":
Our table wine range, optimal with appetizers and a very good "all rounderl" choice
Wines "Principe":
Our sparkling wines, ideal as light aperitifs
Wines "Villa Girasole":
Our full-bodied wines, to appreciate particularly with red meat dishes
Wines "La Vite":
Twines in aluminiun barrels, from cabernet to prosecco, to the white or red Veneto IGT’s

“When the Deluge finished, Noah docked in the new land. He went ashore, planted the vines and he got drunk on his own wine”

Since the mists of time wine is a present and essential element in man’s life. Through the years wine making has become an art and wine – the fruit of love for the earth and tradition.

Following just these concepts, our company has been working for nearly 100 years in the wine market to offer a genuine, high quality and rich in character product.

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Vinicola Tombacco Srl - "Azienda Serenissima"
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